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Substance Misuse

The Pain
of Substance Misuse

Living with substance misuse is hell. What starts out as fun and relief—a drug or alcohol induced freedom from the difficulties of life—turns into chains of bondage. The secrecy and shame, the lies and consequences all compound to create a seemingly inescapable dilemma: we can’t make it through the day or week without our drug of choice, but the continued use only adds to the problems we’re trying to escape. On and on this continues and only when a person is able to get enough support are they able to begin on the road of recovery.

Essentials of Recovery

There are three essentials which make recovery possible.

  1. Recognizing there is a problem and that it is incredibly difficult to overcome alone.
  2. Getting the necessary support in order to maintain daily recovery.
  3. working through any underlying trauma and/or loss that is fueling the addiction. Without all three of these elements, recovery is fleeting, unstable, or nonexistent.

Our Work Together

I will help you determine to what degree substance misuse is present. We then identify what support you may need in order to develop an effective recovery plan. Lastly, our individual therapy sessions will help integrate any psychological issues (trauma and loss) that are driving the misuse and help you implement your recovery plan into your daily life.