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Betrayal Trauma

What is Relationship

Relationship betrayal is one of the most difficult experiences a person can have. Depending on the circumstances it can impact every area of our lives. The shock and trauma of betrayal can create post-traumatic-stress symptoms: we can feel unsafe, confused, ashamed, disoriented, rageful, depressed, anxious, numb or some combination of the above.

The Betrayal of Addiction

When betrayal happens over a long period of time, highlighted by numerous lies or instances of gaslighting, the effects can be devastating. This is often the case when living with a partner who is in active addiction (whether to sex, porn, or substances). Our experience in these partnerships can leave a lasting impact on our ability to trust in ourselves, others, and to feel safe in the world.

Healing Betrayal Trauma

In order to heal from this painful and complex issue we need a great deal of understanding, gentleness and compassion. Through our work together, I will help you re-establish a sense of safety and trust in your life. As you work through the trauma of betrayal you will begin to reclaim a sense of well-being and personal power. Ultimately, this results in choosing the future you desire and protecting yourself against further betrayal.