Integral Therapy

What is Integral Therapy?
Integral therapy is a holistic approach to counseling that works to heal past trauma and resolve addiction through the gentle integration of the body, mind, and emotions. Our sessions together will use mind-body awareness, psychological insight, the latest neuroscience, and your own innate capacity for healing to integrate these different parts of yourself. Below is a brief overview of how working with the body, mind, and emotions leads to a more harmonious way of life.

Working with the body allows us to become grounded and centered, eventually leading us to feel truly at home within ourselves. Trauma and addiction disconnect us from our bodies. Connection must be restored for true recovery to occur. The more we are able to connect with and be in touch with our body the more we feel that we can “stand on our own two feet” and face the challenges that life brings.

The mind can be a powerful ally in our quest for wholeness; unfortunately, the impacts of trauma and addiction on our minds can create profound suffering. The mind can become intensely negative and critical, hyper-active, overly fearful, or a combination of all three. Through integral therapy we work to restore our mind to its rightful place in our lives. We learn to defend against its criticism and negativity and also learn to use its innate intelligence to better understand ourselves, our loved ones, and our world.

Healing our emotional lives is central to trauma and addiction counseling. Integral therapy helps us learn to decipher, feel, and ultimately transform these messages of the heart into wholesome action in our lives. We cannot heal what we cannot feel, but when we begin to befriend our emotions, we develop the capacity for inner peace and freedom.

Putting it All Together
As we are able to integrate these different dimensions, we develop the skills to continue our healing journey outside of therapy. We may need therapeutic guidance from time to time, but the skills we learn through integral therapy become important capacities that guide us in all that we do. Ultimately, there is no end to the love, peace, and freedom we can find.

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